Looking to have a Car Alarm installed in Essex finding a perfect alarm engineer can be a big challenge and a pain to find. When looking round for a Car Alarm system many customers will phone different alarm engineers and get confused over what system they need or what is the most reliable brand. We take all the guess work out of finding the perfect alarm system for your car or van as we are alarm specialists and we fit car alarms day in and day out. By choosing us we guarantee you will get the neatest installation possible which meets all Thatcham and FCS installation standards. And we are the largest dealers for car and van security in Essex due to us taking great pride in car and van security as we are a security specialist in Essex. We provide Thatcham Cat 1 and Cat 2 systems to give you the best piece of mind and security when leaving your vehicle. We fit alarms from all the major brands such as Cobra, Clifford, Toad and Sigma. Buying from us will give you confidence you are buying an alarm and immobiliser system that will be fitted correctly and to all Thatcham guidelines and you can be assured that you will always get the full back up and support if an issue ever happened at a later time. All Cobra alarm systems come with a full 3 year warranty as standard and this covers all parts of the alarm system including the siren. Clifford and Toad have a lifetime warranty on the main alarm ECU but all other parts only come with the standard one year warranty. All our systems come with a full Thatcham insurance certificate which is filled out on the day so you can forward it as soon as the installation is carried out. We are fully insured to work on your vehicle and use the best trim protection methods possible to keep your vehicle in perfect condition while we are working.

We pride our installation work as the very best in the industry due to us not allocating a certain amount of time for each alarm install. The job will only be done correctly and won’t be rushed which is the most important part when getting an alarm system installed. We have the very best testing equipment to test electrical circuits without causing wiring or ecu damage when fitting a system. We use a range of universal Thatcham alarms which are designed for much older vehicles and we also provide a data alarm range which covers Can-Bus to provide an installation which doesn’t change the way you use the vehicle or change state of any locking/controls We provide fully mobile Car Alarm installation in all Essex areas.